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How did I miss this.... BEST VIDEO GAME SHIRTS EVER???

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So game informer say the work that my Meatbun Dark Souls shirts (AD and text by Mike McWhertor) were "the best video game shirts ever" I didnt do the tarot card or the pure black tendancy shirt but thats still a majority of the shirts. Just look at the article!!!:

OH MAN! THANKYOU! (a year too late!) 

News Flash! Keiji Inafune impressed by my poster!

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The Fangamer X Attractmode show held during PAX last month, attracted the likes of Megaman Creator, Ex-Capcom head, and creator of current Kickstarter Phenom "Mighty No.9", Keiji Inafune. I made this poster--> for the show. I recieved confirmation just now that THE CREATOR OF MEGAMAN was impressed by my Megaman Poster and was given one. Now, Mighty No.9 is being handled on Kickstarter by Fangamer. Maybe I am counting my chickens before they hatch but I think i might have a shot at making some official Mighty No.9 products. I wonder what Inafune would think of my OTHER megaman poster that I made for the VS show. 


Redesigned site and Hawken Melee comic

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I redesigned my site again! Nice and clean! Special thanks go out to Daniel Hyun Lim, Rian Trost and Britney Win for the advice. I have been working with Archaia again on a short story comic for the Hawken Melee series of comics. Hawken is a free to play mech shooter for PC that wont run on my computer properly but the designs sure are cool. I dont think i can share my pages yet but I can put a link to the project's announcement page HERE   

Fangamer X Attractmode POSTER!!!!

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So happy to be able to show this off, This is my poster for sale at the Fangamer X Attrractmode show happening during PAX. Click here for more information. You will be able to purchase this 18x24 print at the show and  from  after the show. The theme for the show was just "X" so I thought why not draw Megaman X, one of my favorite videogame characters.... but given the nature of the show and the X implying that two things are crossing or combining i decided to go with a Megaman filtered through late 80s, material dependent art by someone like Keita Amemiya or Katsuya Terada. I just wanted this to be something that if you saw it in 1993 in an ad in Famitsu magazine you would think it fit. This was a blast to draw and I hope you enjoy it. The official title is "Irregular Hunter Android X"

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My work in NEW Robotech Tabletop RPG

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My work with SodaPop/Ninja Division and Palladium has materialized in the form of Robotech RPG Tactics. Here is their Kickstarter video describing the project. Look for My Art which can be seen at 0:44, 2:45, 3:35 if I'm not mistaken. I am working on a lot more for that game and other games so keep on the look out for my new Game Art section coming soon. 

Livestreams! Kotaku Kinja + My Art as the Header

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I have been doing Livestreams of myself drawing for the last few days and I will continue to do so if possible. You can check out my Livestream recordings HERE. I will have to add a link on main page.... But yeah.'s EIC has decided to use my "Kotaku-tan" illustration as their post header for unveiling their revamped site! They were nice enough to put a little link to my site at the bottom of the post! Thanks again, Mr. Totilo!

New Mishka shirts!!! Sodapop Miniatures and More!

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I can finally show this guy off! I did this last summer i think. You can buy it at the store! you can also get the 3-Destroy shirt.

But yeah I have been working on lots of things (that I cant show yet) for the tabletop games company Sodapop Miniatures. In a month or so I can show it off I hope. Through that company i had to opportunity to not only work on their original IP but on a older famouserer IP that I also cant share yet.

Totilo Approved! Kotaku Shirt returns!

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YES YOU CAN STILL BUY MY SHIRT! I actually dont have one yet but you can pick it up over at! If you will notice in the screen cap below that Stephen Totilo, Kotaku's EIC (I think (I will not research this (you cant make me!))) said that i am amazing! I just did like 4 back flips. Thanks Stephen! Your site is pretty great!

they said im amazing!

they said im amazing!