Fangamer X Attractmode POSTER!!!!

Added on by Daniel Dussault.

So happy to be able to show this off, This is my poster for sale at the Fangamer X Attrractmode show happening during PAX. Click here for more information. You will be able to purchase this 18x24 print at the show and  from  after the show. The theme for the show was just "X" so I thought why not draw Megaman X, one of my favorite videogame characters.... but given the nature of the show and the X implying that two things are crossing or combining i decided to go with a Megaman filtered through late 80s, material dependent art by someone like Keita Amemiya or Katsuya Terada. I just wanted this to be something that if you saw it in 1993 in an ad in Famitsu magazine you would think it fit. This was a blast to draw and I hope you enjoy it. The official title is "Irregular Hunter Android X"

copyright 2013 Daniel Dussault