News Flash! Keiji Inafune impressed by my poster!

Added on by Daniel Dussault.

The Fangamer X Attractmode show held during PAX last month, attracted the likes of Megaman Creator, Ex-Capcom head, and creator of current Kickstarter Phenom "Mighty No.9", Keiji Inafune. I made this poster--> for the show. I recieved confirmation just now that THE CREATOR OF MEGAMAN was impressed by my Megaman Poster and was given one. Now, Mighty No.9 is being handled on Kickstarter by Fangamer. Maybe I am counting my chickens before they hatch but I think i might have a shot at making some official Mighty No.9 products. I wonder what Inafune would think of my OTHER megaman poster that I made for the VS show.