Super Dungeon Explore Forgotten King is now Available!!

Added on by Daniel Dussault.

The huge miniatures game that I did all the boards and world maps for is finally available to purchase (just look online for it. a number of sellers are carrying it.  For a look at the contents check out this video unboxing/review  The reviewer says the art on the boards is "perfect"  and this other review here in which the reviewer states that they like my boards a lot more than the base set. So yeah! There are a whole lot more where that came from. I think I did 36 tiles in all so there are still 24 more to be revealed. 12 of which were kickstarter bonus items and im not sure will be sold seperately. There are also some huge boards that I cant really talk about yet but soon you will see them. I really want them. For the time being I am deeply embroiled in design work for Relic Knights miniatures that will hopefully be showable in the near future. I finally get to see some of my stuff cast in Resin so that is really cool.