Spring 2016 update

Added on by Daniel Dussault.

Stuff that happened (will add links tbd today)

Another Mega64 hat that sprung from our big sheet of designs has been completed by Jason Cryer and is up for sale as of Pax East 2016

Speaking of Pax East 2016, my cover art for Super Dungeon Explore Tactics was printed at like 9'x12' and was used as the main backdrop for all of our cosplayers over at the Ninja Division booth, which itself was a huge huge upgrade from the years previous. The team at Underbite Games was on the other side of our tabletop offerings with an arcade cabinet featuring the 2 player VS demo for SDE:Tactics. One of their monitors had this looping animated title screen with my art cut up and sliding around all over it. They did a great job.

I designed an entire army of miniatures for the game Relic Knights from Sodapop Miniatures, these are still rolling out so be on the look out for new "Void" army units.

I did something sorta secret for Adult Swim that i can show off very soon too.... i really hope that gets used for what I think it's going to get used for. 

I did another album cover for Dieselboy which I don't think is out yet but it is the follow up to the Destroyer album

I did a few cards for a card game that is really picking up steam called EPIC too. 

Like i said at the beginning of this post I will have to add some links. I really cant show most of the stuff I worked on, ESPECIALLY not this thing that I worked of for this mobile games company called Weeby out in CA. I really want to though but I can't.